Milano Design Week 2024 | Outer Stone

milano design week 2024 vaselli outer stone

Milano Design Week 2024 | Outer Stone

Outer Stone speaks of stone worked and designed with the outdoors in mind.


Stone – and travertine in particular, such as that of Rapolano – has been used for exteriors since ancient times. There are structures that due to their longevity have become an integral part of both urban and rural landscapes, whether we are talking about monuments or ruins, from the Colosseum that symbolizes a city thousands of years old to the parish churches of Tuscany that define rural landscapes along with the hills.
But is it enough to stop here? In what other ways can stone live in the outdoors and how can the outdoors exist in stone furnishings?

For this Milan Design Week, we wanted to explore and relate to “outdoor environments,” both in terms of intended use and in a broader perspective.
You will find articles designed for the outdoors that blend into a variety of settings and articles that bring familiar and exotic landscapes into furnishings.

The first to be revealed will be Sfumato, in which designer Marco Pisati carves grooves into the stone for decorating interiors and exteriors with stone tapestries that recall the plowed fields of the Tuscan hills.

Lava takes on a new look, and once again the architect Pitsou Kedem shows us how natural phenomena can be interpreted through pieces of furniture which, if you hit the right notes, can lead us to the discovery of new landscapes while staying in one place.

Designer Kensaku Oshiro gives us a new protagonist for hospitality in our yards and gardens. June, with its unique and sinuous shape, places itself at the service of function and conviviality.

From April 16th to the 21st, at the Listone Giordano Arena on Via Santa Cecilia 6, in Milan city center, it will be possible to discover our new collections.

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