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Stone treatment - trattamento pietra | Vaselli Stone treatment - trattamento pietra | Vaselli Stone treatment - trattamento pietra | Vaselli Stone treatment - trattamento pietra | Vaselli Stone treatment - trattamento pietra | Vaselli


Stone treatment is essential to the outcome of your project, both in terms of aesthetics and function.


From an aesthetic point of view, it can significantly change the color of the stone, with or without giving it a wet effect, in the same way as finishing does.


There are many functional aspects, mainly concerning the protection and cleaning of the stone artifacts. Depending on how a product is used, the variations are endless. An external cladding in stone will have to be protected and at times restored due to damaged caused by the weather and pollution, whilst indoor flooring in precious marble will need to be cleaned with products having the right pH; a kitchen worktop will need a protection screen against acids while being safe to come into contact with food; a travertine washbasin will require a cleaning product that is not aggressive on limestone; a shower area will require a waterproof treatment to prevent dampness; a swimming pool will need specific care and so on and so forth. And the list could go on.


Given the fundamental role of surface treatments, we decided to rely on a more-than-trusted partner: FILA.


Fila needs no introduction, being part of the history of treatments for stone and other surfaces.

The collaboration between us and the treatment experts occurred naturally, as we have lots in common, for example the fact that our products are 100% Made in Italy and we constantly strive for innovation. Moreover, the international dimension of the Italian company allows us to guarantee complete assistance wherever our clients are, together with the ability to carry out interventions on site, as well as to offer a service of training and updates on the use of products - which we have personally tested with great satisfaction.






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