Istogram, the in-depth analysis continues

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Istogram, the in-depth analysis continues


If you liked our latest news, the Istogram system designed by Daniele Lotti Architect, we realized a video series for you. In these videos, people directly involved in the collection development tell us some design and making specs.

The compositional play

Daniele Lotti Architect explains to us which are the three variables on which Istogram is based. These variables make it a system suitable for any kind of space, indoor and outdoor.


The system potentialities

The potentialities of the Istogram system allow it to be inserted in any kind of project, making the most of the Vaselli manufacturing skills; that propose completely customizable and adaptable to the designer needs solutions all along.


The critical element

The in-depth analysis about Istogram carries on by examining the hardest to manufacture element: the big solid marble sink.


Abonos, the millennial wood

Federico Basso from Arte9Milano tells us some features of Abonos, the wood employed to realize our first Istogram piece of furniture.

We hope we have satisfied some of your curiosities.
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*videos with English subtitles available


Practically the fourth generation, son and nephew of marble workers. I inherited the passion for the natural material and for the design that enhances it instead of mortifying it. I would like to pass to you our sensitivity every day and put it at your service, I try to develop the mine in the meanwhile.

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