“IMPLUVIUM” – the new Vaselli kitchen philosophy

“IMPLUVIUM” – the new Vaselli kitchen philosophy



VASELLI introduces its new kitchen philosophy:
IMPLUVIUM: seamless perfection

Iconic and statuesque, it shows itself carved in a singular block of Carrara marble, it owes its name to the tank for collecting rainy water adopted in the ancient roman villas, that inspired the design of the countertop.
Its profile is outlined by a 45° corner that descends in a hollow that encloses the countertop, linking the edge with the shutters top.
The big countertop is a tape of functions, where the solid wooden cutten boards can freely slide, creating wide working areas. No horizontal cut, the shutters open top-down, revealing drawers and big containers.
Vaselli 100%, made in Tuscany, in Rapolano Terme (Siena) and completely customizable.

Available from fall/winter 2016.

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