Sfumato | New stone cladding

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Sfumato | New stone cladding

The new wall cladding designed by Marco Pisati will be displayed in absolute preview during the Milano Design Week.


Grooves carved into the material, channels that form images and set up rhythms with the sinuous veins of the stone.

The shadows that fade delicately deceive the joints between the tiles and recall classic atmospheres, suggested by close grooves running across the slabs.

Sfumato generates complex designs through the use of a few different types of incised tiles: a smooth tile, a ribbed tile and a tile that fades (“sfuma”) from flat to ribbed, from which the collection takes its name; the checked tile completes the range, offering further solutions and greater movement to the composition, opening the way to combinations and new directions.

Thanks to its versatility, Sfumato can create undulating and regular patterns, rippling delicately across channels that lead to junctions or sudden interruptions, providing multiple possibilities of marks and texture within the same material, with the same uniform variety of a landscape that is plowed for different crops.

Sfumato adapts to many creative needs concerning material and format, with linear and chance solutions.

This is how designer Marco Pisati summarizes the intent of his design: “I wanted to make the walls vibrate through a subtle play of light and shadow, the weft and warp of a fabric weaving stone tapestries.”

Sfumato is a fascinating story that changes and is renewed through the infinite combinations of its elements.


Sfumato will be one of the protagonists of our Design Week and of the Outer Stone event, come to discover it in preview from April 16th to the 21st, at the Listone Giordano Arena on Via Santa Cecilia 6, in Milan city center, along with other novelties.

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