Milano Design Week 2023 | Solid Pieces | 18-23 April

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Milano Design Week 2023 | Solid Pieces | 18-23 April

Solid Pieces, or rather stone blocks, are the elements on which we have been working forever.

In the chance of this Milano Design Week, we wanted to focus on the solid piece with three collections which are different interpretations and ways to work the stone block, according to the sensitivity of each designer.

The first piece that will be unveiled in the preview is Lava, with which the architect Pitsou Kedem works on different materials.
With Lava two solid pieces become one only stone block.

Architect Nicola Gallizia with Fidia, in addition to giving a solution for the installation of solid items in low accessible spaces, works in antithesis. He creates an assembled element yet saves the solidity and the typical features of the piece carved from the block, giving shape to an oxymoron: the assembled solid piece.

The designer Kensaku Oshiro with Wood Line combines solid wood and solid stone, by alternating the two materials and carrying on the research of lightness in the work with the stone block started with Flow, the kitchen island you will find displayed in matching with the new collection.

The new collections will be displayed for the very first time in Milan at Listone Giordano Arena from the 18th to the 23rd of April.

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