Novecento, a new vision of the stone

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Novecento, a new vision of the stone

A new vision of the stone thanks to unexpected pairings.

Novecento, the living and lunch tables Novecento collection, designed by Daniele Lotti, reinterprets the Vaselli spirit with semi-pop tones.

Lotti’s artistic journey appears to be influenced by the avant-gardes of the last century and by their developments, which later arrived at a completion in Pop Art.

This spirit and the continual search for innovation – even in conformity – is reflected in Novecento, where the Studio’s research leads not only to new technical knowledge, but to a new vision of stone by combining it with unnatural and unusual tones.

Lotti’s skillful use of color takes us into a world of new sensations, with combinations that are sometimes sweet and elegant, and sometimes impetuous, almost rude, that show us how the same shape can have infinite guises.

Here the conceptual effort is made that makes possible the imperfect meeting between industry and craftsmanship, tailor-made and commercial reality, conformism and originality, the serial and the personal, the natural and the artificial, summarizing the history of one of the richest and most complex centuries in the story of mankind in a piece of furniture.

The subtle balance between the selection of natural stones, unique by definition and never repeatable, and the colors chosen from industrial samples, always perfectly reproducible – with, we should add, the only unknown being the hand that applies them and the eye that sees them – leads us to ask whether Novecento is a search for freedom in serialization, or a search for replicability in customization.


The new Novecento line’s structure becomes a single modular metal element, reproducible and standardizable, the same used for several pieces in the collection. Each piece in the collection is defined and made unique by the choice of the marble and stone for the tops and by the choice of color for the base, monochrome or two-tone.

Discover the collection on the dedicated monograph.

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