Milano Design Week 2023 | Three designers for three solid pieces

vaselli | milano design week 2023

Milano Design Week 2023 | Three designers for three solid pieces

From 18th to 23rd April, during the Milano Design Week 2023, we will present different interpretations of the work on the solid pieces, which take the form of new bathroom and kitchen elements.

Three designers tested themselves with the stone blocks.

Unprecedented collaboration is the one with Nicola Gallizia, a Milan architect master in enhancing the nature of materials, in whose project he treats the solid pieces by antithesis.

Pitsou Kedem, an Israeli architect who specializes in surprisingly contemporary residential projects, and his studio focus on natural phenomena, recreating one of the most fascinating of them through the combination of blocks of different materials.

Kensaku Oshiro, a Japanese designer based in Milan whose strength lies in innovation and respect for skilled craftsmanship, continues his experimentation with the dialogue between solid stone and wood with a new unexpected element.

The new collections will be displayed for the very first time in Milan at Listone Giordano Arena from the 18th to the 23rd of April.

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