News for 2019 | Latest Bathroom Products

novità arredobagno - bathroom design news | idee bagno - bathroom ideas 2019 | Vaselli

News for 2019 | Latest Bathroom Products

Latest bathroom products.

With a view to 2019 and to the new bathroom catalog, a sure protagonist of the year to come, we have started refreshing our bathroom collections and adding new ones; here are the autumn/winter bathroom news.

New proposals for modern bathroom design.

The first news are for our most classical stone bathroom design collection, the Aqua line.

A new bathtub has been added among the already present ones in stone, the new Ship oval bathtub, characterized by its concave profile. Its shape is enhanced by the Silver Travertine used to produce the first example.

novità arredobagno - bathroom design news | vasca ovale - oval bathtub | Vaselli

Shower trays with stone platforms to cover the drain is one of the most appreciated bathroom ideas. Our Aqua bathroom line did not have anything similar, but now this lack has been solved by Piano shower tray in stone, that is characterized, in addition to make stone the only visible element, by the absence of interruptions on its surface, in contrast with the other stone shower trays of its family.

novità arredobagno - bathroom design news | piatto doccia in pietra - stone shower tray | Vaselli



New stone bathtubs.

We couldn’t overlook the contemporary bathroom design and our most representative collection Le Cave, with our best-seller bathtub line Balnea, for sure.

The range of Balnea stone bathtubs has tripled, starting from its triangular variant that works as double bathtub, able to house two people without any waste of space, thanks to its unconventional shape.

novità arredobagno - bathroom design news | vasca doppia seduta - double seating bathtub | Vaselli

Then there is the other variant, the Balnea 360 round bathtub, that lets this line achieve to the mini pools world winking to the outdoor.

the bathtub in the picture is displayed at the Tortu World showroom in Sassenheim, Netherlands ]

novità arredobagno - bathroom design news | vasca tonda - round bathtub | Vaselli

New Pozze outdoor bathtub.

Lastly, we introduce the first element of a new collection, Pozze marble bathtub, or mini pool as probably it should be better defined. Presented in the characteristic Breccia Capraia Marble and taken out from one single stone block, it presents itself as a component of our outdoor stone bathtubs, anyway suitable for the indoor, it can be installed both flush to floor and free standing.

novità arredobagno - bathroom design news | vasca quadrata - square bathtub | Vaselli

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