Vergata is an exclusive finish by Vaselli.
It enhances the materiality of the stone turning a two-dimensional surface (flat) into a three-dimensional (ridges) one by laying bare the grain, the porosity and other natural characteristics of the material.
The Vergata is realized by making a series of parallel cuts on the surface. On the obtained regular pattern the wise hand of the chiseller operates, providing to chip and break the crests, giving irregularities and personality to the artifact. This phase is followed by others aimed at obtaining the desired and bespoke (by the customer) outcome.
It's a finish that requires, therefore, a balanced mix of technology, craftsmanship and artisan sensibility.
It may be applied either on wall cladding panels (minimum thickness 2cm) and on solid-piece elements (for example pool copings, fireplaces and other decorative items).
Can be fitted both in dry or wet environments, indoor or outdoor.

Products crafted with this material

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