The need to place this pool delved into the Tuscan hills in the only available space led to the choice of the particular round shape and the project to get adapted and integrated perfectly with nature and lasndscape.


For the wall cladding, the stairway inserted at the end of the pool and the perimeter seat, was chosen the Becagli Travertine, worked in the Vaselli's laboratory in Rapolano Terme. It deals with a local stone which, since Etruscan times, is extracted from nearby quarries and skillfully worked thanks to artisan knowledge handed down from generation to generation.


For the project at issue, particular attention has been paid to different types of surface finish, for both the inside and outside the water of the pool.


The outer part, involving seat and the floor at the entrace of the pool, has been hammered and brushed.

In order to give the surface a look as natural as possible and to ensure adequate levels of security with a non-slip treatment, the porosity of the travertine has been not grouted. Furthermore, to make the material pleasant in concact with the body, all the edges have been rounded slightly unevenly.

This has allowed to make the most of each piece, emphasizng the joints.


The stone installed inside the pool, with which flooring and steps were made in, has been sandblasted and then grouted and cleaned making it pleasant to the touch, non-slip and at the same time, cleanable and functional.


The Becagli Travertine, as well as being weather resistant and therefore suitable to be used outdoor, has chromatic characteristics, making it different from any other travertine.

Veins, color variations, crates represent the majestic and millennial work of nature on the stone, which is valued at the most in products and works by Vaselli.


All the stone elements used for this project, shaped curved according to drawings, were manufactured in the laboratory of Rapolano and cut with CNC machine and also numbered. This ensured that the obtained pieces had precise dimensions and the final installation on site was easier and faster.

Type: tailor-made swimming pool

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