Bianco Carrara Marble


Quarried out of Apuan Alps in the Carrara area, one of the basins from which most precious marbles come from.


Medium-fine marble with homogeneous priming with brilliant granules, white that verges to gray, with irregular dark venations. Different qualities of the marble are determite in accordance with the colour of the priming.


Highly used for covering: some of the higher and more important palaces of the world or their atriums and floors are covered with white Carrara’s. It is employed as much also for furninshing, interiors and outside as well: staircases, pavngs, fountaines, basins, columns and objects. It is widespread also in the food field, employed to mature Colonnata lard and to produce mortars for Genovese pesto.


This marble, as the other ones from Carrara, has being used since the Ancient Rome age for building patrician dwellings and monuments like the Pantheon and Apollo’s Temple, which is completely made out of white Carrara’s. In the following centuries we can find it in most of italian architectural buildings all over the world, such as the 432th Park Avenue, skyscraper of the new World Trade Center, whose atrium is covered with this marble.

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