Statuario Marble


One of the most famous and estimed white marbles. Quarried out in Versilia and Carrara.


White and fine-grain marble, which can be quite lacking of venations or can present some greysh or dark-yellow venations, with tiny darker spots. It is compact.


Used in sculpture since Ancient Rome for its shiness and compact structure which makes it perfect for chisel works. It is also chosen for low foot traffic pavings or for interal coverings, although, seen its high value, it is more used for sculpures, fireplaces and design objects. The most veined varieties are employed in interior design.


Besides ancient works, as the Vatican Pietà of Michelangelo, we find its most recent applications in the Arab Organisation Headquarter Building in Kwait City (veined), the Bait Al Bahjat Al Andhar, in Oman, the Gracechurch City Office in London and the Y.S. Club of Taipei (veined).

Products crafted with this material

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