Slate stone


In Italy, it can be found in Liguria and Lombardia, in particular in the area of Ardesio and Lavagna.


Metamorphic stone of sedimentary origin, lead-gray almost black, very fine grain, considerably schistis and easily sectionable in thin sheets. It is considered the most elastic natural stone.


Thanks to its peculiar resistance to atmospheric agents it is historically destined to roofs covering. It is often employed for internal and external pavings and for the covering of steps and staircases. It is also used in interior design for objects, shelves, tables, benches and in the restoration of historical buildings. (It is obviously used also for the production of blackboards and billiard tables.)


Dexia Bank in Luxembourg is completely covered with slate, likely some shopping centres of Barcelona. Moreover, slate’s natural minimal appearance makes it absolutely unique and so the protagonist of many experimentations of architects and designers.

Products crafted with this material

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