Giallo Siena Marble


Coloured marble, known all around the world, quarried out of Montagnola Senese, near Sovicille, in the province of Siena.


Medium grain marble, deep yellow, heterogeneous because of the presence of light yellow and reddish spots and slim breaches and venations; compact, even if it could present porosty nearby the venations.


Considered of great value, it has been used for precious manifactures. Even if it is more suitable for internal room, it can be actually use in any context thanks to the modern techniques.


As we can percive from its name, this type of marble has been used in many sienese monuments: the Dome, the Pope’s Lodge and even Fonte Gaia. We can find it in many other tuscan religious buildings. It has been used in Modern Age for the hundred columns of Reggia del Siam and for the San Giovanni Bosco Cathedral in Rome.

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