Pietra Santa Fiora


Quarried in big blocks in tuscan Maremma (Manciano basin), in the province of Grosseto.


Sandstone and so rather regular, brown-coloured, with some ocher spots, and verging to bordeaux. It presents quite parallel and not very defined venation. Medium-rough grain and marked superficial porosity.


Much empoyed in furninshing for its natural chromatic variety and for the opportunity of realizing different finishings. Used also for pavings of places and old town centres, thank to its characteristic of being non-slip and antifreeze. Its high resistance to spraim makes this stone suitable for extended coverings and aired walls. Moreover is very resistant to spots caused by smog, acidic rain and dried salt.


It is easy to find in many italian old city centres; it has being used for hundred years and it is still intact, as proved by the Città dei Papi (City of Popes), nearby Viareggio.

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