Classico Travertine


One of the best known italian travertine, mainly hailing from Pianura Tiburtina, close to Rome.


Sedimentary stone, light beige and uniform, fine grain, with pores of different dimensions.


Thanks to its excellent technical and mechanical characteristics, this material can be used both for interiors and exteriors, being antifreeze.
With specific finishings it could be employed even for non-slip surfaces, such as outsde floors, swimming pools and bathrooms. It has been often empoyd in the Ancient Rome for sculpture.


Chosen in Ancient Rome since 1st millennium B.C. Many examples of its employment in the Eternal City can be found, from Colosseo to the more modern Mosque, and the Palazzo della Civiltà del Lavoro at EUR.
Right this veratility let the classical Travertine being widely employed for works of great architectural and cultural importance all over the world, such as the Mies Van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion.

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