Becagli Travertine


Becagli travertine is one of the most representative materials of the quarry basin of Rapolano.


It is a sedimentary stone with high variety of colors, whose priming in mostly golden beige or hazel, and can present grey and brown, ivory or sometimes copper spots. It is porous and its pores can have variable dimensions and are usually covered by calcite crystals, beige/ivory-colored or rarely golden beige.


Thanks to its excellent technical and mechanical characteristics, this material can be used both for interiors and exteriors, being antifreeze. With specific finishings, it could be employed even for non-slip surfaces, such as outside floors, swimming pools and bathrooms.


Becagli Travertine, as the other ones from Rapolano, has been used to realize works of great architectural importance, such as the ticket office of the Central Station in Milan.

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