Arch. Marco Pignattai

Studio: Pignattai Rabagli Associati
Country of origin: Montalcino - Italia

He was born in Montalcino on the 3rd of December 1971.
After his graduation at the University of Architecture in Florence, in 1998, he moved to Rome, where he worked for the company Grandi Stazioni on the renovation of Roma Termini Station.
In 2002 he opened his own office in Montalcino. He collaborated with several architects, light designers, interior designers, landscape architects and artisans. He worked as a freelance professional especially for private clients. In 2011 he founded the Pignattai Rabagli associate Studio, where he is still working, in Mazzini Street, 46, in Montalcino.

Designed for Vaselli

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