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A stone outdoor kitchen in a convivial environment with the maximum comfort is surely the best solution to enjoy the view of the Tuscan hills in San Casciano dei Bagni.


The bespoke kitchen is the undisputed protagonist of the pool area, along with the swimming pool itself, made in Becagli Travertine too.


This free-standing kitchen, as all outdoor kitchens, is made of materials able to resist temperature and humidity variations, exactly as the travertine (widely used in all Tuscany, for outdoor cladding and decorations) for work-top and sides and as the okumè multilayer with phenolic gluing, lacquered with a special varnishing, for the internal cabinet frame and doors.


The outdoor kitchen has a frontal shelf that works as a snack area, to host the guests in an informal way, maybe sipping one of the wines conserved inside the wine cellar placed inside the custom-made pieces of furniture built inside the wall on the back.

The operative area includes a wine cellar, a refrigerator, an ice maker, a dishwasher and bespoke pull-out-baskets and drawers, with obviously a stone work-top with hob and integrated sink.


As for the swimming pool, even in the outdoor kitchen, the travertine was used simulating the quarry, in cross-cut when horizontal (work-top and snack area's shelf), and in vein-cut when vertical (sides of the island and doors of the wall kitchen).

Even the slabs reconstruction, with the veins continuing panel by panel, contributes to make the kitchen a single travertine block, enhancing and giving value to the used material.


A distinctive feature of this outdoor stone kitchen is that the flooring joints continue on doors and sides as if the kitchen extruded directly from the floor panels.

Another characteristic is the material matching you can see in the kitchen island, with the Becagli Travertine combined with a beige lacquered wood, creating an elegant tone-on-tone.

Lastly, the shadow gap at the base gives lightness to this monolithic kitchen.


If you too want a conviviality center for your outdoor relaxing area, contact us and we will find the perfect solution for you and your guests.



Project by Vaselli Studio in collaboration  Alessandro Giulianelli.


Type: outdoor stone kitchen
Characteristics: bespoke kitchen in stone

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