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H2O Bathtub

H2O is an elegant Vaselli bathroom collection, designed by Irene Goldberg. Consisting of a bathroom unit, shower tray, bathtub and accessories, it is inspired by the idea of research and innovation behind a scientific laboratory to develop a successful blend of two natural materials: stone and metal.

Stone has been used in the ritual of bathing since ancient times. It remains the substance, which comes into contact with the water and the body, whereas the pure white coated metal gently embraces the stone units.


Metal embraces stone in the bathtub to give a double layer effect. Inside in contact with the body is in stone to gratify the skin, whereas the outer, white metal shell gives the parallelepiped a sense of cleanliness and weightlessness.
The metal rack resting on the bathtub becomes a useful sliding surface for accessories and bath products.


Irene Goldberg’s vision is one of contrast between the softness of the stone elements and the rigidity of the metal structure containing them. It recalls the balance between traditional craftsmanship and Vaselli’s technological innovation to create designer shapes and functions without any compromise.

Characteristics: stone and metal bathtub

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