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SIDER Island

The kitchen’s evolution comes from his roots. The Vaselli more conceptual kitchen - stripped of all superstructures - appears as a "muscle naked”.

To dress the naked function, aesthetics formed in the primordial materials: stone and iron.

The designer Emanuel Gargano points out that “The project regards an iron workshop bench for cooking use: a sheet iron frame with a elegant, solid top in marble or stone. A modern item, both exclusive and informal”. The etymology of the name Sider reminds us that in the Iron Age this material was discovered inside meteorites coming from the stars and therefore was ‘sīdĕrālis’ raw material. The top is carved in a single block of stone, a full and empty game describes the working areas and defines the overall dimensions. The structure is made of iron sheet, bent and welded: it houses the drawers.

Form: rectangular top hollowed in stone block
Type: free-standing kitchen island
Dimension: cut to sizexcut to sizex95h cm
Characteristics: hollowed stone block and iron

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