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SHIP Oval Bathtub

Ship oval bathtub expands the most classic of our products lines, the Aqua collection.


As all the other elements of such "family", the oval free-standing bathtub Ship is a solid piece, taken out from one single block, carved and only tailor-made.


The bathtub as per picture is realized in Silver Travertine, one of the most famous Rapolano Travertines, and its sizes are 185 x 90 cm by 57 cm height.

As obtained from the block, it is possible to appreciate the stone layers developing concentrically simply by watching the tub from the top.


Ship oval bathtub is characterized by its concave profile. Such line, in addition to give it the name, also gives movement to the element itself.

As all the not built-in bathtubs, it is ideal as free-standing bathtub to can better appreciate the developing of its lines by 360 degrees.


In order to guarantee the maximum comfort to the user, it was equipped with a useful tray in teak wood which is an ideal wood for wet environments.

The tray is perfectly integrated on the bathtub outline, its top-side has been sunken to allow for the sliding of a little travertine plate. Some holes to easily drain the water have been drilled on the tray.


Do you want to see more oval bathtubs? Discover our Boat bathtub!

Otherwise, contact us to ask for your Ship bathtub totally customized in dimensions, shape, and material.

Form: oval
Type: free-standing bathtub
Dimension: 185x90x57h cm
Characteristics: solid piece - 600 kg

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