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POZZE Square Bathtub

Pozze square bathtub is the first element of the collection of the same name. It is a solid piece taken out from one single block, cut in four pieces and carved, then reconstructed through the bathtub itself, allowing to appreciate the developing of the stone texture across its four sections.

The Pozze stone bathtub is only tailor-made realized, as all our products.


We decided to propose the bathtub in Breccia Capraia Marble, a unique stone quarried in the Apuane Alps near Massa Carrara, from a quarry belonged to the ancient Medici Family. It is, undoubtedly, one of the most colored and motley Marbles of Carrara. Exactly for these characteristics, it goes perfectly with such square bathtub that, thanks to the reconstruction of the whole stone block, allows to appreciate the developing of the abstract drawings created by stone across the three dimensions, horizontally and vertically, straight and curved surfaces.


The choice of the finish was not less important. Patinato, our exclusive manufacturing, is able to intensify the watercolor effect of the material texture, without making the lines too flurried. Moreover, beyond making the surface anti-slip, it makes the stone similar to leather to the touch, by warming a cold material as marble and by bringing warmth and poetry in the design bathtubs world.


The square bathtub in the picture is of 200 x 200 cm by 50 cm height and realized in Breccia Capraia precisely.

Pozze stone bathtub can be proposed as a free-standing bathtub, as in the pictures, or as a built-in bathtub, maybe installing it flush to a floor in the same stone and maintaining the 100 x 100 cm bathtub partition, creating a space where harmony and symmetry are the protagonists.


The contrast, as the harmony, is the design cornerstone of such bathtub. The contrast between the symmetry of the self-repeating square and the marked irregularity of the chosen material is revived again in the opposition between its square perimeter and the inscribed circle traced by the slope of seatings, further characterizing Pozze bathtub.


Considering its dimensions, Pozze marble bathtub can perfectly play the role of both indoor and outdoor minipool, with four seating in total.


One of the limits of this square bathtub could be the weight, as all the stone bathtubs after all, but we have been able to reduce the weight by the 55% by hollowing-out the underside of the tub without compromising its solidity.

The value lies in what is not seen, as happens in most of our products.


Contact us to realize your bespoke stone minipool or to create with us the wellness area of your dreams.

Form: squared
Type: built-in or free-standing bathtub
Dimension: 200x200x50h cm
Characteristics: carved solid piece divided into 4 parts - 2000 kg

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