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Pietra da Torre OCO kitchen island

The OCO kitchen is the ideal piece that can enable Pietra da Torre to shine. The minimalist and clear design scheme of the island allows the distinct heterogeneity of this material to stand out with its countless different shades and the diverse fragments that characterize its texture.


The well-established design of the OCO kitchen, presented in a material never used before in home decoration, proves that design research is not limited to new schemes and functional solutions but also involves the discovery, or rediscovery, of materials and their innovative use.
The kitchen rigorous geometry places human activity at the service of a natural component, the stone. Its veins and fragments of debris flow through the interruptions made by cabinet doors and changes in level, taming the rigid lines that define the element and focusing the attention on the warm unpredictability of this material. As a material that is worked to the necessary extent, the stone is never concealed or subjected to excessive selections; it is accepted as nature offers it to us, exalting its uniqueness.


This kitchen has clearly been obtained from a single boulder. The block was chosen and cut with this final result in mind, equally inspiring it and being inspired by it. For a keen eye, the sartorial logic applied to use of the stone is evident; the best available raw material is chosen for the intended garment and is then used keeping waste to a minimum without however accepting any compromises on the realization of the piece but, on the contrary, giving it an added value. The reconstructed slabs and the veins that flow across the island are the result of a reasoning developed when the stone was cut. To be recreated in the island, the block is cut in different directions and into pieces of various thickness, disassembled and then reassembled with a surprisingly natural result.



The work-tops, the sides and the facings of doors, are made from blocks like the sink masterfully under-mounted to the countertop. This not only gives the piece intrinsic value, but also makes it possible to adopt non-negligible functional solutions. The possibility of hollowing out the stone and thus creating soft shapes, makes it possible to avoid the sharp edges typical of the assembled slabs, in the sink as well as in other critical points of the kitchen, making it also easier to clean.



Again, in order to achieve functionality, the counter-top has been grouted to so as to close any holes and avoid dirt deposits. The pores on the door facings are left open so as to highlight the naturalness of the material. All the stone surfaces are Patinato finished, our particular finish that, in addition to giving the stone a warmer feel, makes it easy to clean and resistant to scratches.



The cabinet door facings are hollowed out by reducing internal thickness to a minimum, turning the slab into a stone shell reinforced by a composite material hidden on the opposite face by a veneer in Canaletto Walnut, proposed also on the other inside parts. This has made it possible for us to achieve a perfect balance between lightness and solidity, without affecting the aesthetics of the piece.



The underneath of the counter top has been hollowed out to keep its weight to a minimum. We believe that, when working with stone, the less you intervene the better the result. Much of the work remains hidden inside the piece: the value is in what you cannot see.

Form: rectangular kitchen
Type: kitchen island
Dimension: 300x100x95h cm
Characteristics: Pietra da Torre Kitchen

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