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Vergata Parallelo Washbasin

Vergata exalts the materiality of stone by transforming a two-dimensional surface into a three-dimensional one, exposing the veins, the porosity and all the natural characteristics of the material.
It is our exclusive finish by which we have been identified for years and distinguished also in the world of surfaces.
Vergata resembles the initial stages of the excavation process prior to the introduction of numerical control machines into our world. It is precisely the parallel milling and the regular intervals of the cuts followed by the manual breakage of the remaining straight parts that recall the process of milling-out the bathtubs and washbasins performed in our laboratories until a few decades ago.
The stonemason chisels the crests so that the piece takes on an irregular surface as much as unique too. Should the chiseling of the material creates sharp crests, the pointed surface is sandblasted to soften the edges and to make them pleasant to the touch.
This finish requires a balanced mix of technologymanual skills and artisan sensibility.


Originally designed for wall coverings, solid elements with Vergata on the outside are increasingly in demand, as the Vergata Parallelo Washbasin where channels are parallel to the circular base of the column washbasin.
In the photograph is the Billiemi Grey Marble cylinder on which the special finish, with the action of light, confers further movement to the texture.
In addition, the sandblasting, made after chipping the crests, makes the material soft to the touch.


Would you prefer a slenderer column washbasin? Discover our Vergata Meridian washbasin with channels flowing vertically.
Alternatively, contact us to create any custom object, with Vergata or otherwise.

Form: free standing cylindrical washbasin
Characteristics: free standing washbasin with special finish


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