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Le Cave Free-Standing vanity


The Le Cave free-standing vanity unit is completely customizable in size and materials choice.


The installation of a suspended vanity is not always possible, so we purposely decided to propose a vanity specifically born to be placed directly on the floor.


Modern bathrooms vanities with stone doors are more and more often chosen to furnish contemporary bathrooms, but it doesn't mean we deprive you of the chance to have one with wood doors.


Just like its predecessor, even the freestanding bathroom vanity unit has the typical 45° cut on top and doors, although, in this case, it continues laterally too.

Changes will not anyhow make the vanity losing the main feature of our bathroom furnishing proposal, the versatility; indeed the only tie is to be a freestanding piece of furniture.

It can be used as a vanity under a washbasin (or two washbasins), or as a vanity top with integral washbasin, in various materials, large or small and with customized interior accessories.


It is even ideal to furnish smaller bathrooms, indeed the visible metal shelf, further to be practical, gives lightness to the vanity, creating a break with the rest of the materials, avoiding in this way the risk to overload the closed spaces.


As you can see in the pictures, its size can be bigger, giving rise to a vanity unit with double sink of high lightness and elegance.


Our modern bathroom furnishing collection Le Cave is being therefore extended with an alternative to our bathroom vanity, but without getting rid of the respect for stone or quitting the versatility, that are both strong points of the collection created by Emanuel Gargano and Marco Williams Fagioli.


Ask for the access to our reserved area and download, from the section below, some additional images showing some constructive details of our Le Cave free-standing bathroom vanity.

Type: free-standing vanity unit
Characteristics: customized bathroom vanity in stone and wood

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