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Coffee table in Rapolano Travertine and transparent resin manufactured in collaboration with alcarol.


Rapolano has been always famous for its thermal water springs, thanks to which the Travertine takes shape. Such stone is extracted from the neat quarries and used as building material since the Etruscan and Roman times.


The Rapolano Travertine distinguishes itself for its high chromatic variety and the strong character. Its colors range from the white to the dark brown, passing from beige and copper, and they make it unique all over the world, different from all the others kinds of travertine.

The Rapolano Low Table is obtained from an eroded block, where the clay, or organic materials, gave life to natural concrections by interrupting the natural sedimentation of the travertine and leaving spaces.


alcarol had the bright idea of fixing this alive and eternally changing material by immersing it into a special transparent resin as if it had gone back in the water from which it cames from.


This coffee table shows the cross-cut travertine with its "clouds" that become empty spaces where nothing goes lost thanks to the special resin used by alcarol, perfectly transparent and extremely hard to turn itself yellow thanks to the special researches.


The Rapolano Low Table for the living room is supported by a burnished metal base that, together with the raw travertines sides and with the selective grouting, contributes to give a strong natural effect, combining research and essence, travertine and resin, joining by the passion with which they were worked and finished.


It is an innovation in the coffee table design world for sure; it fits perfectly into the contemporary living room and into other spaces as a lounge bar or art galleries, allowing you to get a unique object surely able to catch the attention.


If you want a coffee table outside of the canons, contact us and we will start the research on a block with the perfect character for you.

Type: low table - coffee table
Characteristics: solid piece travertine and transparent resin

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