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PIANO Bespoke shower tray

Piano bespoke shower tray is the last arrived in the Aqua collection, as all the rest of the natural stone shower trays we produce, it is taken out from a single solid piece and specifically tailor-made only.


It takes its name (Piano is the Italian word for "flat") from the absence of interruptions on its topside; the slope going down to the center from the sides is the only thing containing the water and, at the same time, helps the draining.


The specific waste plug stone cover is what distinguishes the Piano shower tray from the other ones of the Aqua collection and characterizes it in general. This solution joins perfectly design and functionality; the stone cover, thanks to its specific shape, allows the water draining without problems and, thanks to its small dimensions (21 x 21 cm), it is of easy handing. Furthermore, its average thickness has been made by 1 cm also to reduce its weight, with a shaped support in composite material applied underside to reinforce it and to reduce the risk of breakage when lifted for cleaning.


As all our stone shower trays, Piano is proposed sandblasted finished. This finish makes the stone anti-slip, allowing you to have a shower in total serenity, with the pleasing sensation of the naked feet touching the alive stone.


The bespoke shower tray in the picture is 144 x 78 cm and 6 cm thick, proposed in Pierre Bleue marble, a dark-toned stone from Belgium, obviously sandblasted finished.


Piano stone shower tray can be designed both for being flush to floor or even raised.


Contact us to realize the bespoke shower tray you need or to create your stone bathroom together!

Form: rectangular
Type: shower tray
Dimension: 144x78x6h cm
Characteristics: solid piece

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