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Terra Bathroom Vanity Units line

With Terra bespoke bathroom vanity units line, we wanted to make good use of the experience gained during the last years with the natural materials we usually combine with the stone; wood and iron.


It is evident that wood, when solid-piece, and the natural iron, worked by cutting and bending it, are the protagonists of these bathroom vanities that, in the different available combinations, lend themselves to sustain our stone counter-top washbasins, double or single and in different size, coming from our standard collection or tailor-made.


Among the possible combinations of Terra bathroom vanity units line, the one with wooden outside and iron storage enhances the counter made of solid wood planks - in oak wood in this case - and mechanically fixed with a special combination of joints, tie-rods, and screws, maintaining the material the rawest as possible and transforming knots and breaks into decorative elements and exalting its naturalness.

This system allows us to make the structure stable without using glue, but simply by acting on the solid piece and by supporting the movements of a material such unstable as the wood, in order to avoid the problems that would arise by trying to block the material.

The mechanism regulates the tie-rods is situated in inspectable compartments, hidden by wooden covers, in the way you can regulate anytime the exercised tension.

The showed method allows us to work with different woods and solid-pieces of various thickness, giving you the maximum and wide freedom of choice.


If you prefer a total wood solution, Terra suits itself without difficulty, allowing you to get a free-standing counter-top or a more minimal wall-hung solid wooden vanity top, ideal even to leave it fluctuating over an iron cabinet.


In the bathroom design, the iron is not the most common element for sure, but, if you want to put it at the center of your modern bathroom, you can opt for the natural iron sheet solution worked by laser cut and bending, reducing to the minimum the weld joints and allowing you to taste the iron in all its materiality, with its natural oxidation.


Even the iron cabinet of Terra bathroom vanity units line is ideal to be paired with our stone washbasins, as the Abbatia in Graphite marble that you see in the picture.


With Terra, we wanted to propose a bathroom vanity line where the priority is reserved to the preservation of the original aspect of the natural materials, revisiting the country style with a minimal approach. The raw wood and the natural iron sheet are proposed counter-posing their strong materiality to the clean and simple lines; exalting the authenticity of what is given by nature and, as such, making every bathroom vanity unit unrepeatable.


Let you be inspired and find the perfect combination for your bathroom vanity unit!

Type: bathroom vanity units
Characteristics: wood and iron bathroom vanity

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