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Round Bathtub BALNEA 360

Balnea 360 round bathtub is the circular variant of the more classical Balnea 180 belonging to our Le Cave bathroom collection. The round variant maintains the profile distinguishing the Balnea series but developing circularly.


It is a big bathtub, taken out from one single block, carved and only tailor-made realized, as all our products.


The round bathtub in the pictures is 152 cm diameter by 50 cm height and in Noce Travertine from Rapolano, with grouted and honed inside and not grouted (to keep the material as natural as possible) and honed outside.

The material has been a pitch-perfect choice due to the very strong character of this travertine: the cylindrical shape of this bespoke bathtub allows to literally appreciate the 360° developing of the texture.


That's exactly why it is ideal as a free-standing bathtub at the center of the room, making it the protagonist of your bathroom.


Given the size in which this stone bathtub is proposed, it can play the role of a mini pool, even a hydromassage one, because, being a bespoke bathtub, it can be integrated with that system or with other accessories.


Despite the big size, such round bathtub has in its design a certain lightness due to the base shadow gap, that gives a suspension effect.


As any large bathtub, especially if in stone, the weight must be taken into account and consequently we remove all the excess material; the circular seat of the bathtub is completely hollowed-out underneath, as you can see from the photo of the back of Balnea 360, obviously without compromising the solidity of the round bathtub.


Contact us to realize your own bespoke stone bathtub or to design together the mini pool of your dreams!


You can see and touch the Balnea round bathtub "in flesh" at Tortu World showroom in Sassenheim, Netherlands.

Form: rounded
Type: round bathtub
Dimension: 152x152x50h cm
Characteristics: carved from one single block

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