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15 Feb SIDER tools

Shelving in iron sheet, designed for the kitchen and the living area. It has slots designed for glass chalices and wooden supports on which chopping boards and cans, created specifically for the Sider line, as well as cutlery holders, bottles and any other kind of...

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15 Feb SIDER all

The Sider pantry combines the functionality of a containing cabinet, also equipped with drawers, shelves and appliances, to the design of the Vaselli Kitchen....

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Hidden kitchen - Cucina a Scomparsa | Sider | Vaselli

09 Feb SIDER inside

In this version, Sider takes the kitchen to the living area, ideal for open spaces and modern lofts. All the efficency and design of the Vaselli kitchen hidden by an essential and elegant sliding wall made in steel sheet, openable and closable with a simple movement...

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iron and stone table - tavolo in pietra e ferro | T. SIDER | Vaselli

05 Jul T. SIDER

Unmistakable stylistic trademark of SIDER philosophy, the stone table reproduces the proportions of the free-standing kitchen island work top. The iron sheet structure, with the four outwardly inclined legs, supports the monolith....

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05 Jul SIDER book

Unmistakable SIDER in the combination of materials : The iron sheet is the protagonist, it plays the horizontal dimension, combined with thick vertical rectangular, distancing the plans. Completely customizable in depth, width and height....

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iron and stone kitchen - cucina in pietra e ferro | Sider Island | Vaselli

05 Jul SIDER island

The kitchen’s evolution comes from his roots. The Vaselli more conceptual kitchen - stripped of all superstructures - appears as a "muscle naked”. To dress the naked function, aesthetics formed in the primordial materials: stone and iron....

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