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12 Jul Lacquering (wood)

The lacquering process begins with the sanding of the material to be treated, which is followed by the application of an acrylic primer; subsequently, after an additional sanding operation, it is stretched apossidica the paint to the desired color finish....

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11 Jul Teak

Legname di grande pregio che, in virtù delle sostanze oleose presenti al suo interno, è considerato uno dei migliori legni per esterno anche senza trattamento....

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04 Jul Maple

Bright coloured wood, with tones that vary from white to pinkish-yellow, with clear and uniform veinings. It is quite hard and really strong. It is widely used to produce fine furniture and in the art of making stringed instruments....

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04 Jul Chestnut

Type of wood with tones, that vary from white-yellow to brown. Once it is worked, it becomes reddish, with thick and thin veinings and a rough weaving. It is a fine and resistant wood, not very easy to work, it has an aexcellent resistance to...

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04 Jul Cherry wood

It is a type of wood with a warm color, from golden brown to reddish, which becomes more evident with aging; it is charachterised by a fine weaving and has regular and not so thick veinings. It is compact, with an average hardness, sufficiently heavy...

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04 Jul Cypress wood

It is typical of the long tree-lined avenues of the Tuscan small farms, it is a type of bright yellow-white wood, with a very fine weaving and with unregular veinings, due to the strong knottiness. It has a great durability and it is humidity-resistent; it...

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04 Jul Canaletto Walnut

Brown coloured and with veinings tending to black. It is a particularly hard type of wood, it lends itself to different kinds of production and it can be efficiently assembled. It is widely used for home furnishings....

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04 Jul Oak

With a dark brown-yellow color, with an average weaving and straight veinings, it is a type of wood with a good hardness, stability and durability, all features that improve with aging. It is used in several sectors, it is famous for its use in the...

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04 Jul Olive wood

It is a typical tuscany plant, a type of yellow-gold coloured wood with bright veinings alternated to darker ones, and with a unique weave. With a very fine weaving, it is hard, solid, uniform and wood-worm resistant. It is barely used for furniture, whereas it...

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